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Rigging body with eyeball

Hi all, I'm a newbie practicing Maya rigging body with a simple snail model, however here is some issue I'm facing.

Please refer to the image attached.

Here is the left eye of snail, I parented the eyeball to the most upper joint, so that it able to move around with the eye part. (Not head, not sure what it called.)

user added image
user added image

Then I choose the joints and body only, and Smooth Bind.

So when I move around the control, here is what happened. The shape of the eye part changed and not covering the eyeball properly.

user added image
user added image

Is it my model problem? Or is there any way to solve it?

Thank you.


Actually I tried to Edit paint Skin Weights before I create this thread but failed, however I just tried again and it seems work....

Is this a correct method?
user added image

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parenting mesh to the joint isn't a good idea. make another joint for the eye, connect it to the main skeleton, and bind the eye to it.

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Bind or add influence from the eye to the joint that controls the skin around the eye, then go to paint skin weights tool and have maximum value + strength and press flood when having the eye selected in the perspective, and the joint that should control it in the paint skin weights options

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