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How to tile a texture without repeating the dirt layer


I'm having some trouble figuring out how to tile a large brick wall texture. Currently I've made a tile-able brick texture that can be applied to the wall and it works great. However, I am trying to apply a dirt layer to the texture that I've already created in photoshop. The problem currently resides in how to make my brick texture tile across the wall without having the dirt texture repeat with it.

The brick if tiled would create a weird obvious pattern across the entirety of the wall. With an added dirt layer, the brick would seem a bit more offset.

Currently, my solution is to manually tile the brick texture within photoshop and then apply it to the geometry. However, in order to not have the texture appear too pixelated, the file size is extremely big. I'd like to be able to just tile the brick within maya and hopefully add a node in the node editor to make the dirt layer not repeat.

A step by step explaination on how to do this would be great, as I'm pretty new to using the node editor in maya.

I would really appreciate the help. Thanks!

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create a layered shader or texture node. You can repeat you brick texture then add another layer with your dirt on without repeating it...job done


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