Digital humans the art of the digital double
Ever wanted to know how digital doubles are created in the movie industry? This course will give you an insight into how it's done.
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My 2 week project for school

I'm at the Renaissance Center (wherer 3d buzz teaches) taking the Maya I-12 class. We had 2 weeks of maya boot camp and a week of character rigging then off on our own to do a 2 week project. Here is my final animation, not lighting or textures allowed. You should beable to figure out who he is. user added image This is my first animation ever so and I can't wait to do more. I don't have access to premier at the moment so I had to use a free video compressor to shrink the file size down from 300mb to 3mb so there is a watermark. Let me know what you think.


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sorri the files too big 3megs i'll have one up soon, sorri guys

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Just an idea. Render your animation out as a .tga image file, then using Premier[if you have it] or download VideoMach and make an avi out of the images.

Maya's .avi render is rubbish as is ends up too big, and plays all choppy so it's best to use images as the quality is much better, and smaller size.

VideoMach is a free, [and theres no watermark] and you dont have to pay for anything if it's for personal use only. search for it at
user added image

Yeah, but no but yeah but no....

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