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obj uv mapping


I'm having a problem with the UV mapping.
I have a character model that I'd like to make a UV map for, but the problem is when I load the character with her pet (its a flying ball) I only get the UV map of the ball.

When I load the character seperated from the ball when I deleted the ball in Maya it still doesn't show any UV mapping.

And when I seperate the ball and the character from each other in Cinema 4D (where I made both of them) and then import the character to Maya and try the UV mapping, it doesn't give any UV map either. I did get an error about some texture thingie, but there were no textures on her in the first place. She was litterally completely white!

Oh, I also always get some error if I don't save something. It says that it couldn't save it and asks if I'd like to write a report to Autodesk. But that's not really that bad.

Anyway, please user added image

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Oh, I found the Error. It says:

Failed to finalize the color transform.

And below in a red bar it says:

Error:file:C:/Autodeks/Maya2016/scripts/others/textureWindowCreateToolbar.mel line 1783: The GPU adaptor of the transform to finalize is null.

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