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# 1 27-06-2022 , 12:39 PM
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IK handle won't select joints

Hi everyone, I am new here.

I am rigging my character and trying to create an IK handle.

However, I can't select any joints. When I try to click on anything with the IK handle tool, the same message "Error: No valid items were selected. Must be joints, effectors, or nurbs curves." keep showing up.

What should I do now?

Thank you guys.

# 2 23-08-2022 , 06:27 PM
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same thing here, maya 2023

# 3 13-12-2022 , 07:49 AM
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Same here user added image

# 4 24-01-2024 , 11:22 AM
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Hey there! I feel your pain with the IK handle issue. I had the same problem in Maya 2023. What worked for me was making sure my joints were properly set up and visible. Also, check if there are any constraints interfering. If the problem persists, a fresh start might help – restart Maya or your computer. Now, about 1Win in Pakistan - it's a game-changer! I stumbled upon for easy deposits. 1Win holds an international license, ensuring a secure gaming experience. The online casino is top-notch; I even enjoy live casinos there. Making a deposit is a breeze, and the variety of games is impressive. Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed!

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