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# 1 04-03-2007 , 08:41 PM
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First Animation EVER!

Hi all,

Thought I would share with you an animation I just finished. Its from a fundementals course where you have to animate a ball moving on a stage. I had so much fun, and learned so much, I kinda went overboard by creating an entire set around the ball!


Flash Movie
The Talented Ball


# 2 05-03-2007 , 04:19 AM
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Nice little animation man!

Some of the camera movements look a little jerkey on the transitions but other than that it looks good.

I like the set that you made up, it really adds to the atmosphere.

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# 3 05-03-2007 , 05:56 AM
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haha... made me laugh.. a little dark but it was good overall

# 4 05-03-2007 , 08:53 AM
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Thanks for the C&C as for the jerkyness that probably came from when I converted it to a flash movie so I could keep the sound. Here is the AVI no sound but you can see the flow without the jerkyness.

AVI no/sound
The Talented Ball


# 5 05-03-2007 , 04:41 PM
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The scene is fantastic! I think you should do something else with that scene with something that fits it better. Do some characters to have a band concert or something. Good work!


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# 6 13-03-2007 , 04:35 AM
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Very funny movie. Great job.user added image

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# 7 13-03-2007 , 05:28 AM
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Hi all,

Thanks for the C&C currently working on another animation project which I will share once it is finished.


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