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Outliner question

There are some parts of the Outliner that confuse me.

First of all, when you click on the Default lights, it lists the lights you have in your scene a second time under it. Why list them twice?

Second, when you go up to the menu and uncheck DAG, you get a long list of I-don’t-know-what in the Outliner. What is all that stuff listed in the Outliner, and what is it for?

I understand the usual Transform nodes and Shape nodes being listed, but not all this extra stuff in the Outliner that I did not create in the scene.


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Outliner can list everything that is contained in your scene, even nodes that you did not create. Many of those extra nodes are required for the scene to even run and are usually invisible to the user. You can make them visible if, for some reason, you need to do something to them. The vast majority of the time, you can ignore them.

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