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# 1 04-02-2005 , 05:07 PM
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weird merge vertex problems

Hi there all,
This is really anoying me. After doing my first merge by choosing edit polygon -> merge vertices, I was told you can hit the "g" key to repeat the last command. Though sometimes when hitting the "g" key the merge feature either makes the object to disappear or it distorts the object that all of the vertices go in all different directions.

I know that sometimes you can accidentlly select other vertices that could cause this but this isn't the case. I know I am not selecting the wrong vertices because if I merged the vertices by choosing edit polygons -> merge vertices, I get a clean merge. This only happens when I hit the "g" key.

At first I thought it was the object itself so I created a new object and tested the merge feature, but no this isn't the problem. I even thought to myself well maybe it has something to do with in the scene so I created a new scene, but no this doesn't fix it. I even tried closing out of the program and reopened the program though this didn't fix it either. The only way to fix it is if I shut down my computer and rebooted the computer.

So what the heck am I doing wrong? Could I have accidentlly hit another hot key that would cause this?

# 2 04-02-2005 , 05:19 PM
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Sounds like a glitch... does it happen all the time no matter what or is it fixed after rebooting?

# 3 04-02-2005 , 08:24 PM
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I say it happens after playing for about a day. After that once it does happen it doesn't go away until you reboot

# 4 05-02-2005 , 12:35 AM
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This sounds like a transformation problem. If you freeze transformations on the object does it disappear? If so you can select all the faces and do a duplicate face command (edit polygon>duplicate face) then delete the new object and it should fix it.

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