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GI Render Issue

anyone ever have GI for Mental ray stop working? I tried it on 2 different computers with just a sphere and plane in a box with gi setup and both my comps fail to render photons. It says calculating but nothing shows up. I'm just using default photon settings and default GI settings. I turned it on and off a few times and got it to work for 1 render. I remember someohting about clearing my render buffer but can't remember how to do it.

This is freaky, it happend to both comps at the same time.

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Have Try this export Gi model make new scene and then try to render

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If you don't have a light in the scene that is emiting photons then GI in mental ray wont render anything different than a normal maya software render.

Try creating a spot light, aim it, then in the attribute editor for the spot light, select mental ray-- emit photon. play with the settings here and under the render settings for mental rays gi and causistics. This should fix your problem,

p.s. unless you really need it, don't active causitics it will only hurt your render times.

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