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Maya 7 onto my upgraded system??

Hello all,

I've searched on this topic, but didnt find the answers I was looking for so I am asking for help and advise.
I am about to finish building a new system, it will be running the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 processor which of course supports 64 cbit. I am ready to install the OS, and was going to use the new vista 64 bit version, but wondered if my 7 version of Maya, ( pretty much the whole reason I built this monster ) will run in a 64 bit OS, its running on my 32 bit system right now. Should I use the Vista 64 bit? Vista 32 bit? Or XP 64 bit? or stick with the old XP Pro 32 bit? I really dont have the money to upgrade to a higher version of Maya right now, I really like version 7, it been very stable on my system, and it works well with the books I'm learning Maya with. Basically, will my old freind, version 7 run on a 64 bit OS?? Thanks for any and all help and advice!!

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Hmmm... Good question. Not one I'm capable of answering though.

Have you tried the FAQs over at the Autodesk website?

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Well, the short answer is YES.

I've seen the issue discussed over at 3dBuzZ before, but their search engine's crashing at the moment, so I can't point you to the thread.

Just found this via google: Alias: Qualification of Maya 7.0 on OSs

From memory, it seems to come down to individual setups. While one person will claim that XP64 and maya 7.0 are best buddies, another will say they hate each other.

Can't say anything about Vista64 yet though, that's something I know nothing about.

Something worth thinking about are what extra features/functionality would a 64bit OS give you (other than the ability to run 64 bit specific apps) If you've already got XP32 it may well worth be sticking with it for a while yet. Unless maya is designed for a 64Bit OS, even if you put in more than 4GB of ram, maya will still only 'see' 4GB as this is the limit of 32 bit memory addressing. (2^32 = 4294967296, which is 4GB)

But if you can borrow a copy and have a spare hour or two, wouldn't hurt to try temporarily, I suppose. Just backup first or use on old drive, just to be safe. Then buy it (64bit windows) if it works okay for you.


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In my experience XP 64 and 64 bit processors are not good friends. At my school they have AMD Athlon 64 boxes with XP 64, it takes ten minutes for them to start and once it gets to the desktop if it didn't crash while loading, everything lags even though they have a gig of RAM. I ask the admin if I could install Maya 7.0 PLE just for fun and I spent a lunch break trying to get the setup not to freeze.

Anyways, I checked Autodesk's website and no versions of Maya seems to support Vista. You could try moving to Linux, though you won't be able to play most gamess but at least your box won't crash every two minutes and no precious processing power will be wasted by the gui.

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Thanks for the replys everyone. I've been reading all day for info on both Vista and Maya's compatibility. Your absolutely right when you said its up to who you talk to. It looks as though you can probably run 7 on a 64 bit system, but it wouldnt take much to get things "jumpy". As far as Vista is concerned, I'm not sure if Maya 7 is compatable, I would think as long as its 32 bit it should, but with windows... who knows until Autodesk lets us know.. and if not... will there be an update available for all of us who spent alot of money and want to keep working. I"ve decided to stay with 32 bit because most of my other 3D apps and helping apps will surely be OK, just need to see if Vista or XP Pro would be best. Now I have to see if I can send back 4GB of ram!! ( I have 8 Gigs ready to install!):headbang: Thanks again and I'll be watching for any more info from everyone.. especially on Maya 7 and Vista...Respond if you have it running !! user added image

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