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In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
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more than one bump map

is it possible to apply more than one bump map to a material? on this leaf I am making, i have attached a leather 3d texture to the bump mapping attribute of an anisotropic material. But as you can hopefully see, the veins of the leaf look awful, how i have just painted them on ( although I am going to paint more onto this - this was just a test of my basic photoshop texture layers). I figured i need to do some bump mapping for the veins, i.e, make my texture map greyscale, and use it as a bump, but now i cant do this as ive attached the leather texture to the bump attribute? Im basically quite new to texturing, and using more than one map in particular.

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yes you can connect more than one bump to each others by connecting the out normals of a bump node to the normal camera of another bump node th connect the sexond bump node to the bump of your shader .... i can send you a picture for this dazzy bump network if you need.

good luck

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