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Help: Applying Bump Map to Select Faces

I don't know if i'm doing something wrong, or even if what I'm trying to do is even possible.

I want to apply a bump map of some text to the bottom of a bullet. The map would only need to be applied to the few faces on the bottom of the bullet, and I'm trying to do it this way because making a UV map for the whole bullet would take hours (if not days, because I'm pretty new to it)

Whenever I render it the bump map is applied all over in random places, despite my UV's being set up for only the butt end.

Is there a way to isolate the bump to the selected UV's/Faces? Or do i have to map the whole bullet and make a map for the whole bullet?

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One simple way that doesn't involve UVing the rest of the bullet (which would still be a good exercise) is to create the material with no texture, apply it to the whole bullet. Then select the bottom faces and apply a duplicate material to it, this time with the bump texture.

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I would UV the lot, cylinder projection for the side of the bullet and planner projection for the bottom. These are the sort of object that you should start to UV as they are easy and will help you to understand better the UV work flow......................dave

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You should UV the whole thing as practice, Im with stwert though for speed. Apply the brass type material to the top end of the bullet. Then select the bottom faces and apply the same material (duplicate) then apply the bump to that.

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I didn't know you could apply different materials to different parts of an object. This all helps immensely!

I guess I'll have to learn more about setting up UVs though, I didn't know you could combine separate sets of them. I really don't understand the mechanics of it. I can UV a box just fine but stuff with faces on the inside and outside and ends and such is beyond me. So far. Granted, I've only been mesing with adding materials/textures for 2 days now.

Thank you for the help!

Now I have a different issue going on.
The bump I applied.... is not the one rendering... I have NO IDEA what to do about it. I've tried reloading the bump, I've tried re-saving it in photoshop, i've tried moving the bump levels from positive to negative and back... I've removed the link and completely redone the bump mapping, i've tried messing with the translations in x,y,z etc and nothing seems to fix it.

I'm going to try mapping the whole bullet (the casing is already separate from the bullet and primer so that's easier) and see if that changes it, but if anyone has had the same issue and know's what's wrong that would be awesome.

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i reloaded maya and it works fine now

but now i know...

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