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Making objects appear mid-animation

First of all I need to give you an idea of how much of a newb i am... I started a Digital graphics and animation class this year and was supposed to go through the whole adobe creative suite then move on to maya second semester... I finished the creative suite in about 2 weeks and had nothing to do so the teacher decided to move me up the the second level class, which meant iwas gunna spend a whole year in maya and have to keep up with the kids who had already had a semester of experience in maya. I had never used maya until 3 weeks ago and i had toget some quick tips from a friend of mine on how to make frames to make simple animations to keep my grade up ( I already know more than the teacher so she is not much help) I dont know any technical terms but I can learn really really fast thats about it.

So... on with the question... I have been working on an animation and I need an object i have created to be there but it just needs to appear in fram 60 and dissapear in frame 65, so far i have just saved screens of it there and then before and after i scale it down to almost nothing but I realize when i start making more complex movies having the extra clutter will be really really bad so did anyone know how to make objects appear and dissapear like that??

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You can right click on the visibility attribute and put some keyframes on it.

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thanx so much lol i was doin crazy stuff to make stuff to make things seem to dissapear before

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making objects disappear in maya

i know you can make objects disappear from your scene by keying the visibility, but what if i want the transition to be gradual ? im working on an animation and i need an object to slowly appear, i think i can make an alpha render pass (matt) and animate it in after effect, this is my first major animation and im also new, please help!!!!

thanx so much lol i was doin crazy stuff to make stuff to make things seem to dissapear before

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