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PSD UV map not displaying correctly

Hey guys,

I''ve made a UV map and a PSD network according to this maya handbook I'm using. But when I go to update PSD network it doesn't appear. I've tried lots of things but not enough by the looks of it. Is this a really simple or common problem?

When I update the psd network it displays a grey texture when it should be displaying my coloured painted PSD texture.

Sorry if this is brief, i'm not sure what is needed to undestand the problem, so I hope this is enough.



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OK it's displaying now but the geometry itself seems to be slightly transparent. I can see the modelled ear character through his head on the other side. I checked all the settings but can't work out what it is.

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slightly transparent? that implies its only tranparent by a little bit

i know when i connect a psd file as a texture it can connect to both colour and transparency

go to your hypershade, Windows > Rendering Editors > Hypershade,
find your material that has the psd linked to it,
right click (and hold) and move the mouse down to graph selected

then you'll see the inputs to that material.
if the file node is connected twice to the material node then select the connection that says 'transparency' when you mouse over and cut it (hit delete)

if that doesn't do the trick then i dunno.....

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Wow thanks chirone, It did the trick. I'll remember from now on to check in the hypershade what nodes are connecting and where.

This is probably really basic stuff but I'm still a noob so it's alright.

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In Maya,
I am having the same exact problem described above, the connection going from the PSD file to the material looks like one connection but when I hover over it it says it has 2 connections .Color and .Transparency. I can delete and reconnect or open connection editor and tell it to break the transparency connection, but everytime I update PSD texture. It goes back to both .Color and .Transparency connections. Yesterday I was updating without this problem, but today I can't seem to figure out what happened.

Could it be Photoshop?
This problem might be coming from Photoshop. Yesterday I was using textures from a 3D texture CD, this morning I downloaded some textures off the webpage CGTexture, and I've been cut and pasting these textures. Am I overlooking some setting when I save as in Photoshop. What changed.

Why is the transparency option setting everytime I update PSD texture?

Thanks for any help.

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