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In this course we're going to look at something a little different, creating technically accurate 3D printed parts.
# 1 18-02-2010 , 08:46 PM
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bolter warhammer 40k

Im trying to model a space marine from the warhammer 40k universe and this is the weapon he is gonna be wielding, my version of the Bolter.
Just wanted to know what you guys thought about it before i decide to go on texturing it or maybe continue on the space marine.

so what do you think? have I missed something or should I add or remove something or whatever?


# 2 18-02-2010 , 09:10 PM
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Hi pruttrik
I like it, I think there should be a barrel in the middle of the muzzel brake .............dave

# 3 18-02-2010 , 09:53 PM
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Hi dave and thanks! yeah that sounds like a cool idea, maybe in the final scene and with some flames ripping out of the holes =)

# 4 19-02-2010 , 06:44 PM
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Looks good.

Maybe a bit more thickness to the muzzle guard and the tube on the side looks a bit soft. Maybe tighten the edges just a tad.

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# 5 20-02-2010 , 11:10 AM
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hi thanks for the c&c! yeah my original plan was to have sharper edges on the tube but then decided to make it look softer to make it look more like a hose than a tube. But Im not sure if going to include the tube at all.

and good point about the muzzle guard, it looks kinda thin.

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