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Final gather Question -Urgent!

Hello. I would like to ask about mental ray final gather option. I have large scene interior that have to look some realistic , and cartoon characters sitting in it. I was wandering is it possible to make one final gather map for all the static objects and save it out, and then set the final gather casting mode to OFF that will add more points to the saved map so the final gather to be calculated only for the moving characters, and not for the enwiorment. So is it possible to tell final gather where I have the saved map not to cast any rays but where he find point with no rays to cast. Thank you

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Not sure if this will work for you but have a look at the link..........dave

Edit:sorry this will only work as a maya render, there is nothing stopping you from generating a texture in maya render and using it in mental ray

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I know this tutorial daverave but thanks anyway user added image.

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do you need final gather? Im not sure if that possible. I'd be interested to know tho.

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