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Rotation Matrix from transform, rotation, and pivot

Hi all,

I have a problem where i trying to develope a rotation matrix knowing a objects transform (x,y,z), rotation (x,y,z) world pivot (x,y,z). i think key is to figure out theta from rotation (x,y,z), but don't know. This might be a basic algebra question, but i'm trying to do it in maya. Thanks for any help.

Do i do it like theta = tan-1 (-z/sqrt(x^2+y^2)) from xyz of rotation and go from there?


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Hi devthep, you mean like an OpenGL rotation matrix?

You can get the transformation matrix of an object by running the following:

xform -q -m `ls -sl`;
This will give you a standard 4x4 matrix. If the object is at the origin, and has not been modified, it returns the 0-1 identity matrix. You can then decompose it to find the rotation matrix.

You can also do the following in python:

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