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Optimizing MAYA 2012 with CUDA


this is my first topic on this site. I'm from Holland, so excuse me if my Enlish is not always correctuser added image

Since a week I have installed Maya 2012. Also the NVidia PhysX Plug for Maya 2012.
My computer is a Intel i7/920, watercooled and overclocked @ 4x4.2
I've got 12 Gb of RAM (Triple Channel) and a NVidia Quadro 4000 videocard with 256 CUDA cores.

What I see is that Maya is a lightly slow in showing the objects in the viewport en also in the rendering.

Because of the graphicscard I thought this was fast.

I there something I am missing ?


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There are numerous ways in how you can optimize your scene to render quicker. We really cant tell much without looking at your scene first to better assist on how to navigate through the scene quicker. Also have you heard of viewport 2.0

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Maya doesn't use CUDA, and Maya software and Mental ray don't use your graphics card. They're all cpu-based.

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It definitely sounds like a graphics issue. Have you installed all of the latest drivers? Also check the compatibility of your video card against those that Maya suggests.

Go here for a list of system requirements.

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