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# 1 27-07-2012 , 03:34 AM
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Can't link Fur Description to Different UV Set.

Attached is a picture, which is pretty clear.

I want to attach two fur descriptions to one object. One description is allover, while the other is only for the eyebrows. I have already created different UV sets for these, and have the allover fur attached.

The problem is that when I attach the eyebrow fur, it attaches to the allover UV set. When I try to attach it to the correct set in the Relationship Editor, it moves BOTH the eyebrow fur, and the allover fur to the eyebrow UV set.

So frustrating...

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# 2 27-07-2012 , 01:33 PM
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You could just duplicate the face mesh for the eye brows then attach the fur to that............dave

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# 3 30-07-2012 , 01:34 AM
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I could, but that sounds like a rendering nightmare to me. Any other suggestions?

# 4 30-07-2012 , 04:23 AM
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Have you tried painting a density map?

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# 5 01-08-2012 , 02:09 AM
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I've tried using the paint fur tool if that's what you're suggesting. Haven't had much luck with it; I haven't been able to achieve much control over it. It will paint in patches, and it's unclear how many clicks are needed to cover areas. It also won't reduce the baldness/desnity in some areas to completely 0. It will get close, but it's no 'smooth shave'.

Is there another way of going about doing that? Do you have a link to a tutorial?

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