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Rigid body disappearing


I have a problem with a rigid body disappearing through another one, basically a rock (active body) falling through a road (passive body). The rock is meant to bounce on the ground, but every now and then it falls through the road. The mystery is that it works sometimes, depending on how I place my rock at the starting position, but I have no way of knowing why or how to make it work every time. Any idea why?

Here's my setup: Active and passive bodies have the same rigid solver, and are on the same collision layer. All rocks are affected by the same gravity field. I always play simulations from frame one to the end.

Many thanks for your help

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Try increasing the road mesh density by smoothing, mesh/smooth.............dave

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Thanks Dave - Will try that if I run into any more problems. For now it seems to work by decreasing the step size of my Rigid solver to almost 0.


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