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Maya 2015 SP5 / 3DSMax 2015 SP2 - Incorrect bones when importing from 3DSMAX

I'm trying to export a fully rigged model from 3dsMAX to Maya, however, after I do the "Send To..." function and try to move the either arm, all the arm + hands move except the middle part of the arm. In 3DSMax, if I move that same bone, all of the arm moves correctly. If I detach and smooth bind the specific mesh that's giving me the problem in Maya, it kind of works out. However, the arm isn't the only part of the model losing bones. Parts of the tie, hair and eyes lose bone connection in Maya but all work fine in 3DSMax.

Here is the 3DSMax and Maya Binary file.

This has been troubling me for some time so any help or hints are appreciated.

p.s all credit to TellTale Games for the models and RandomTBush for the TellTale model ripping MaxScript

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