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# 1 19-06-2015 , 01:12 PM
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Image texture not rendering as Image:

Hi all,

I have an object I wish to texture and under its 'Colour' option I have chosen a file that is a jpeg (it is an image of metal rust). When applying this image to the 'Colour' option it is seen clearly in the viewport, but not when I render (using mental ray). Instead it is just a blank plain colour such as brown with out the metal rust look that I am after.

The other objects I have applied this image to works.
Could this be because the image is not big enough to spread over all of the objects?

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Thanks.user added image

# 2 23-06-2015 , 05:54 PM
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Check your mental ray settings, check your UV layout...

# 3 24-06-2015 , 03:18 PM
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As MKote pointed out, there are many possible reasons. I have run into this problem when there are multiple UV sets. Could you check to see that there is only one? (Or you have applied the texture to the correct one) You can check by selecting your object and going to Create UVs>UV set editor. There should be map1, and nothing else.

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