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eyes disappearing (rigging)

Hello! I'm doing a pretty basic, beginner's rig, and I'm almost to the end. However, I've parented the eyes of my model to my head rig (as usual), but now I can't turn the visibility off my joints or else the eyes disappear along with it.

What should I change or fix to get my eyes back? Or how do I hide the joints without also hiding my eyes? user added image
user added image

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You dont need to turn the visablity off as the joints will not render...............dave

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I'm not trying to render, I just need to make a quick video for class. And would like for the joints to be hidden (as our tutorial shows but doesn't explain).

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In the viewport you can turn off joint visibility with Show > uncheck joints.
Or you can use a parent constraint on the eyes instead of parenting them.

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