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Skinning seperate meshes

Hey everbody,

i have a problem skinning a character! I started off with having the head and the body as two seperate meshes to make rigging the face easier. I put a lot of work in the face rig based on joints and blendshapes. The topology of head and body match perfectly so i did'nt thought it would be a problem to attatch the head rig to the body rig.. Turns out its not so easy! user added image
I smooth bound the body rig (simple HIK rig) to the body mesh. Then i attatched the bones of the body rig to my head mesh over Add Influences. This worked great as well and i am able to paint weights on body and head mesh! The problem is, that i cant get a smooth transition between the two meshes no matter how much i copy vertex weights. In the image i attatched you can see, the vertecies at the transition have exactly the same weights and as far as i know this should do the trick!
The more i rotate the armjoint the bigger the gap between the two edgeloops.
I copied the two meshes, deleted the history and bound only the body rig to both, this way i dont have any problems and the transition works perfectly.
If you have any idea what might cause the problem, please let me know. Right now i am at the point of throwing it all over and start from scratch! A lot of work... user added image

Thanks for your time! I know this is a long text user added image
Cheers, FBra

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