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I get a problem with particle collision.

I get a problem of particle collision.

I created a emitter(emitter type=direction,direction y=1)and the particle named "hubble-bubble"(the particle render type is sphere), and 2 nurbs planes.
the animation start,the sphere is rise,collise with plane1 and plane2(already set the collision with that 2 planes).

i want the "hubble-bubble" collise with plane1 then rebound,collose with plane2 then disappear int the same time.

can the particle has 2 type of collision in the same time?
user added image
please give me directions.

<img src= alt=>

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Yes, and Nouser added image

Your best bet for this situation would be to keyframe either the LifespanPP, and/or the OpacityPP of the sphere particles since you know exactly when they will be colliding with the second plane.

Do a search in the Maya doc's for those 2 attributes, and it should tell you how to apply themuser added image

Good luck, and post a playblast if you can to show us better what you meanuser added image

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