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Could anyone help me? Challenging

I am trying to make renders with lamps following the transmission principle like an optic fiber lamp but using a rolled acrylic bar in this case.

I tried to block the light in all faces except the ones at the ends in order to project lighting through the bar.

Firstly, you can see that the light is projected correctly withouth blocking any face.

Secondly, I tried just changing the material for the lateral faces but it generates glare effect as you can see. What I did after that was activate the option "enable mate" and looked better but the body was black like vantablack.

Thirdly, I also tried creating an offset surface but the result was the same.

I would like to know if this process is correct for optic fiber effect in maya or I have to use other kind of lights, because using emission the light is not projected.

I have attached in this post the file I created in maya 2024 and screenshots.

I will be grateful if someone help me to solve this problem.

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