Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
# 1 10-09-2004 , 09:59 PM
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my first 3d object.. (a sword.. very original huh?)

just finished (I think) my first 3D object... I'm completely new to working in 3D, so it's really a simple object but I like the result all the same - no match for the other stuff around here of course, but I have to start somewhere user added image

I know making a sword is not very original either, but I didn't fancy my chances doing anything with a very complicated form.. comments welcome!

user added image

# 2 10-09-2004 , 10:03 PM
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Woah dont put yourself down! Its a realy good first project!!!
Keep it up dude!

# 3 10-09-2004 , 10:36 PM
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i bet ure lieing, ur first object was a cube, or sphere i guess user added image

really nice for the first PROJECT. user added image .. keep it up.

# 4 10-09-2004 , 11:13 PM
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nono, it really was my first obj... ok ok got me on terminology there (I *am* a newbie hehe!), it is indeed my first project, not my first object... thanks for the compliments guys!

# 5 11-09-2004 , 07:39 AM
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As everybody else said it really good for your first thingy user added image
Besides it dosent matter if what your modeling is ornginal or not, its always nice to see.

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# 6 11-09-2004 , 04:18 PM
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I like it, in fact it is just the kind of picture I needed.

May I use it in one of my designs? I need it at a different angle though

If you are interested, please contact me at 614 598 1892

or e-mail me at

You know what, I'll PM You as well.

# 7 13-09-2004 , 06:28 PM
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Wow! Nice first job, MixX.
Keep at ituser added image

# 8 14-09-2004 , 12:16 AM
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first project? i bet youll never forget the experience =) keep at it my friend

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