Introduction to Maya - Rendering in Arnold
This course will look at the fundamentals of rendering in Arnold. We'll go through the different light types available, cameras, shaders, Arnold's render settings and finally how to split an image into render passes (AOV's), before we then reassemble it i
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3D viewport

I was just browsing through nvidia's options for 3D display kits, and I had the awesome idea that Maya should be available in 3D.

I don't mean rendering out with stereoscopic, but that the actual viewport is visible in 3D. Does anyone know if this is possible currently or would that have to be a feature added into future revisions?

I have a terrible time working with vertices in wireframe mode with dense meshes and I have to grab specific points but I have no idea if they're way in the back or in the front or whatever. I know there's ways around that, but just think if it was in 3D, how much more clarity you would get working on a model... I just want to sit and think about that for a bit... :p

On a related note, does anyone use a 3D enabled PC? What's your experience? I know it's relatively new technology and I'm not typically an early adopter, but it piqued my curiosity.

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Hi stwert
I know its not what your thread is about but in lightwave you could hide any part of a mesh this helped a lot when selecting hard to see vertices, might be easyer than then what you suggested...........dave

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haha, for a long time i couldn't quite figure out what you meant by 3D (but i suppose it's obvious with all this 3D buzz going around)

i was going to say you should just turn on x-ray (but that confuzzles me sometimes)

actually... i'm not sure how having your viewport in 3D would help in any way... i think like... a giant holographic cube that's visible in your everyday working environment would be better

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You can create a setreo camera, look throught it, choose anaglyph and get a paif of those red/blue glasses and off you go Maya in 3D.

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Cool suggestion gster, would that work in wireframe mode? I don't have any red-blue glasses at the moment, but it seems like an interesting solution. I shall try it out at the earliest opportunity.
Anyone else want to try it out and let me know how modelling in anaglyph 3D is?

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yes it does work in wireframe...

but this "3d" really slows down the viewport.

edit:but it does work.. and you could turn it on and off in the viewport by simply switching cameras

it also works much better on a crt monitor as opposed to lcd or plasma

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Cool... thanks for checking that. Does it make working with a model any better? Does it allow for a better visual interpretation of how the model is looking without constantly tumbling around it? That's what I figure it would do, but maybe it's just a gimmicky thing.

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i luv progression but this 3d business is just too much the migrains that i got from watching avatar and ice age was too much and now you want to work on the view port in 3D wont you need a crazy gfx card to do this

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Nvidia has a list of gpus that work with their 3D system. I've got the GTX 275 which is on the list. I'm considering a 120Hz monitor, but I don't want to jump on the bandwagon too soon, and I don't know if maya works in 3D that way (shutter-glasses). Though this indicates it does??

I don't think I'd get a headache, because the headache's (I think) are caused from constantly switching the depth that is supposed to be in focus. It's like focussing on something right in front of you, then a split second later being forced to focus on the distance. Messes with your eyes.
Whereas maya would be a single focal depth, unless you zoom around or switch viewports, which you are in control of and therefore are expecting. It's like how you don't get carsick when you drive.

EDIT: Yeah, this looks possible!
I'm so gonna do this...

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Alright, so this:
proves it's possible, but does it mean I need to get a quadro card? Looks that way. Which would be annoying, cause then I can't do 3D gaming... ah, who am I kidding, I don't do much gaming anyway.

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