Beer glass scene creation
This course contains a little bit of everything with modeling, UVing, texturing and dynamics in Maya, as well as compositing multilayered EXR's in Photoshop.
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System advice

I have been into 3d modelling for almost 9 months now. I have an avarage system which is working fine for modelling and getting still renders. Although it is a little slow for rendering speed i think this system i own is ok for my expectations. In a couple of months i will start travelling. I will stay in 1 place for 5-6 months and than move elsewhere and so on. During that time i don't want to stop my maya and 3d learning process. So i will need a portable system to keep working on modelling. I haven't started learning animation and other aspects of 3d. I am still trying to make an acceptable portfolio in modelling and i think this will keep going for a while. Can you guys help me with deciding a laptop for modelling?

My system currently is:

Intel Core i5 650 3.2ghz
Sapphire 1gb radeon hd 5750
4gb ram

I really don't want to carry a5kg laptop and was wondering if ne ultrabooks can be a solution for me? Is it a bad decision to get an avarage laptop? If so what will be my other options?

Currently checking the new ultrabooks like Asus Zenbook UX31-RSL8 ... But i am really not someone who knows which system works for me... I will buy a laptop in may 2012. So if you guys know any laptops that will be available by that time, it is also wellcome...

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The MacBook Pros are great for battery life, weight, and graphics. I have absolutely no problems with mine with Maya.

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They say the new ultrabooks are macbook killers. They have nice processors. But i am curious about the graphics card. I know nothing about Intel HD Graphics 3000. And how they effect things... Hope they release new series by summer.

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