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UV's Colapsing when moved

I finally got a decent view of all my UV's

I'm able to unfold them, sew them, rotate, expand/collapse (by tool)

but when I try to move them with the move tool they turn into a single line.

I can undo it, so there's no data loss. I am using the method of selecting a UV and ctrl clicking over to the shell.

I've already tried:

Clearing history
Remapping UVs
Saving elsewhere and reopening it

I've read some other posts about UV's not behaving when unfolding etc but that seems to work fine. I've also read some about them disappearing when sewing or whatever, but that's also not a problem. They just keep collapsing every time I move them. This makes it really though to arrange them so they fit in some reasonable manner on the snapshot.

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Do you have a snapping mode enabled?

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Do you have a snapping mode enabled?

No sir... but... for some reason it seems to be working now. I did have an issue where it crashed maya and I had to completely reload everything so that might have been connected.

Thank you for the response.

# 4 22-12-2022 , 09:15 AM
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This looks like the answer to the trouble;

(Can't upload images here?)

Retain Component Spacing in Transform section of the UV Toolkit.

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