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Zbrush polypaint texture stretch problem

Deformed texture in final texture
I am getting deformed textures at the borders of my model. Heres my workflow and details;

1- I put extre edges in maya to get the edges hardened when subdivided.
2- in zbrush i first morph target the mesh.
3- divide till 8th lvl
4- go back to 1st lvl
5- switch morph target and go back up to8th lvl
4- paint themesh
5- press new texture, texture from polypaint

and this deformed texture comes out as a result. what do you think is the problem?

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Could be your UVs, try unfolding them in that area..............dave

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Could also be an uneven distribution of geometry - could you post a wireframe of your base mesh please?

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Ok, i am so gonna solve this.
After a research in several different forums i learned that there are some more facts that needs to be considered. Including which software i used to UV and some buuttons in Z that needs to be switched on or off. So i am expanding my workflow order. And adding some new screens

1- The mesh i modeled has a thickness. It is not a plane. I added the extra edges to get the edges of the mesh to get a sharp result . I used roadkill to unwrap the UVs.
2- Import the mesh into zbrush.
3- Morph target at 1st lvl.
4- subdivide till 8th lvl
5- drop back to 1st lvl and switch morph target
6- go back up to 8th lvl
7- Turn mrbg on and zadd off.
8- fill object with skinshader in Z
9- Paint from an image using spotlight.
10- go to texture map and click new texture
11- click new from polypaint
12- and get the distorted image...

I stumbled upon some threads on forums that might help understanding the trouble. But can't figure out at which steps i should apply these solutions.

This thread explains that i should apply SUV while dividing the mesh. I applied this. The stretching is gone a bit but this time my texture is pixelated. Maybe this has something to do with the texture size or the polygon count in zbrush or something related with spotlight painting distance . Maybe it has something to do with the morph target step. Getting there...

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I am new to spotlight. Can the pixels occur if we apply a second layer on top of a spotlight painted texture information. I think i am getting a better resolution if i apply the the imported texture with spotlight only once. Not twice on top of eachother...

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UV trouble....

when you add your uv chequer map dont leave it on the standard setting increase the repeats across the u and v to say 10 or 15.

The reason for this is because at the size the uvs map is at the moment stretching becomes almost invisible at a per pixel level, so by adding the repetition on the map the number will become smaller and any stretching is more evident enabling you to adjust the uvs.

Now if all is well in the uv section but the stretching still occurs on the model in smooth poly mode, you can try adding loops here and there to strenghten the smooth at the borders but theres a little control that sometimes goes amiss within the attribute editor for the mesh...go to smooth mesh and drop down the list and go to extra controls, under the map borders its usually off by default just turn on smooth all....this can eliminate the issue most of the time.

as for suv, thats the first time Ive ever heard that one...just stick with your uvs from maya. The minute you have issues with uvs that come from zbrush you cant edit them properly in maya if you need to.

Ive attached a sample of it in action...its not a great example but you get the idea

Also with regard to zbrush pixels etc..the higher the res the better, thats for both mesh and texture....what you put in you get out


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