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Have controls control each other without cycle?

I saw this video on youtube where there's a chain in IK mode, with parented controls that in turn control a group above the IK control. This lets you bend the controls to simulate pseudo fk without actually switching to Fk (of course you cant make it bend anywhere an ik wouldn't, but still a useful addition).

But usually when i see those setups, if you move the ik control instead, the fk controls dont follow the bones, which makes it less than ideal to implement.

Heres the video, it happens around 0:25

Does anyone know how he does this? It seems that the locators are parented under eachother with a group node above each one, then the bones are parent constraining it or something like that, while the ankle locator is parent constraining a null above the ik control. This would give the effect seen, but would only cause a cycle and make everything bug out.

Does anyone know how he accomplished this? I've sent him a comment and email, but i'm not sure if or when he'll respond since its so old, it would be nice to figure this out as soon as i can since i'm working on a rig currently.

I had thought a script job of some sort would work, switching weights between constraints based on selection, but i dont think that would update everything the way he has it.

Does anyone know how he accomplishes this?

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