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Set driven key is not being saved

Hi! I'm having trouble with a rig for my uni project. I'm having an issue with the set driven keys. I have a fist attribute, which i set to 0 and loaded all my joints into the driven. My hand controller is the set driver. I clicked on the driver, then fist, and set it to 0. Then i selected the driven, rotate x, y and z, and hit "key." I then did the same thing for the fist on 10, doing the same process as before and pressing key. This worked for one of my other fingers, and when i increase and decrease the value the finger curls into a fist. However, i can't seem to do the same thing to the rest of the fingers. When i set a key, and then make another, it simply seems to forget the first key I made and stay at the second key.
Can someone please help? What am i doing wrong? My classmate said this happened to her and that I should remake the hand controller, but my assignment is already running late. What do I do?
Ok so I just realized I was selecting "translate" for the x y and z. So it wasn't saving my rotations because i was simply doing it wrong. That's slightly embarrassing xD

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