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Maya 7 help

Hi all,
I'm trying to find Maya 7 personal learning edition and install it on my computer. I had it on there for a short time then someone told me to try 8.5. Maya 8.5 does funny things to my computer & I liked Maya 7. But, now I am having a very hard time locating a download for 7 that will open and work. Can anyone tell me were to fine this version?
Thanks all!

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What kind of problems are you having with 8.5? As like you say it could be quite annoying to find an older version of maya when it is outdated by several newer versions.

It may be easier to try and work out the kinks with the newer version if you give us some details than find an older version of maya PLE.


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my problem w/ maya 8.5

OK so the problem that is the big deal it that Maya 8.5 slows down my computer. It takes a few minute just to load up and get to the first window. Then from time to time the whole program will lock up & I have to restart my whole computer over loosing any work I have done.
I don't mind the Maya7 and it worked just fine for me so that is why i just want it back.
I have a copy of "Introducing Maya 7 w/ a cd/rom but when i try to register it it sends me to 8.5 for the download.
As I right now i have nothing (no 7 or 8.5 on my computer. This is school break & I was hoping to get some time to learn more on Maya.
Thanks for any help or advise you can give me.

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