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Render Texture Problem

Hi... it's me again...

The new problem is this:

I have aplayed the texture I have (I don't know if I've done it well), And it does look good. The real problem is when I try to make an animation. when I modify my poligon, let's say a rotation the render results shows a diferent render than the good one.

Someone know why??? and can someone let me a hand please??

thanks again... ^_^

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You might want to show a before and after shot to better explain your problem.

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Yeah it'd be cool if we could see your setup to try and diagnose the problem. It could be lighting, if on the angle the plane does not get the same lighting that could cause issues.

But in just the texture settings there are all kinds of things you can change to adjust for different problems, so if you can elaborate some more and give us some visual we may be able to assist you better.

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did you try deleting history?

you need to delete history after attaching your textures or when you rotate your model your textures will mess up.

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Hey thanks to all for reply...

By the way... the last option works fine... the render is now ok...

I delete all the history and the job's done...

Thanks again... I'll post the image of my problem for those who have the same issue...

Thanks again... user added image

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